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Whatever you might need – herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or something else we can help you out.

We also stock a premium range of fertiliser products and seed.

Rural and Irrigation Supplies

For your crop, stock and irrigation requirements including irrigation components, centre pivot irrigation parts, pumps and pipes, please call us on 0477 973 802 to discuss how we can help.

Water Management

Irritech Pivots

As an authorized distributor of Irritech irrigation pivots, we are pleased to offer you access to cutting-edge irrigation technology that can revolutionize the way farmers manage their water resources and maximize crop yields. Explore the features and benefits of Irritech irrigation pivots below:

Irritech is a leading name in the irrigation industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence. With a proven track record in developing advanced center pivot irrigation systems, Irritech empowers farmers to achieve higher efficiency, improved yields, and sustainable water management.

Irrigation Fittings & Hoses

We provide only the best-quality irrigation fittings and hoses in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. That’s why we’re proud to say that we stock nothing but the best. From sprayers and hoses to elbow bends and clamps, we’ve made sure everything we sell meets the highest quality standards and will stand up to our tough environment.

Contact us to discuss everything you may need to make sure you’re getting water to where it’s needed most without wasting a single drop!


Irrigation pump manufacturers like Grundfos develop water solutions for the world, setting the benchmarks in innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability that all others strive to meet. You might want to call them just another pump company, but they’re helping millions of people move water where it needs to go – safely.

From drinking water to the smallest outback town to sprayers for the most upmarket skyscrapers, they’re committed to making sure this precious resource is never wasted. That’s why we’re proud Grundfos suppliers – contact us to find out about the range of pumps we have available.

Hard Hose Irrigators

Also known as reel travellers, hard hose irrigators are a continuous move irrigation system that employs a high-volume boom or gun sprinkler. Most often used to provide supplementary irrigation when needed, they’re designed to sit at the edge of a field while the trolley or sprinkler cart is pulled out and leftover hose remains on the reel.

Sounds simple enough, but when the harsh Australian climate can wreak havoc on both your crops and your equipment, the last thing you want to be using is a subpar irrigation system. So contact us to find out about the best irrigation systems to suit your needs and everything that Australia’s environment can throw at it.

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